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What is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)?

Luxury Vinyl flooring is the fastest growing flooring option on the market thanks to its versatility, durability, and affordability. Once associated with your grandmother’s plastic-looking kitchen floors, vinyl flooring has advanced into an innovative and attractive alternative to laminate, tiles, and even hardwood flooring. Luxury Vinyl and old vinyl flooring as we know it does have some similarities, such as the number of layers and materials used. However, the Luxury Vinyl Flooring is abou

When is the Best Time to Renovate Your Kitchen? —

From budgeting, planning your design, and the actual remodeling process, a kitchen renovation can take weeks, sometimes, even months. So, if your kitchen is in desperate need of an update, the sooner you start planning the remodel, the better. Once you are clear on what you want to achieve regarding your lifestyle and kitchen aesthetics and have a clear vision for your ideal kitchen, the realization of the project can begin. When beginning a project, one thing to consider is whether or not it's

The Key to an Organized Kitchen —

Developing simple daily routines will help in achieving effortless tidiness and organization. If you opened it, close it. If you took it out, put it back in. If you spilled it, wipe it, or vacuum it. Is the bin full? Take it out. If you ate or drank from it, wash it, or put it in the dishwasher. Is milk or juice bottle empty? Please put it in the recycle bin. If all family members follow these simple rules regularly, the kitchen would be a less chaotic place. All waste and cleaning produ

How to use Feng Shui for Prosperity

To determine how supporting your house is when it comes to your ability to make money, a Feng shui consultant will determine your prosperity sector(s) based on Flying Star calculations. As everything in nature, Feng Shui analyses are based on mathematics, the language of the universe and the observations of the environment. This is a complex analysis that takes into account the current age, time when the property is built, and time when the occupants moved in. The Flying Star analysis applies o


At Varisan, every office and corporate space planning starts with the sustainability and well-being of the workers. We create human-centred working environments that primarily aim in providing vital working conditions such as lighting, safety and comfortable ergonomic equipment. By integrating hand-picked teams and solutions, we deliver complete office fit-outs that are focused on lifting the well-being standards of employees. Our corporate environments increases productivity and energy levels,

Medical Interiors

Highly detailed and comprehensive medical environments require a top level of complete fit-out design. No matter where in the world the project is located, we bring together a combination of expertise, professionalism and health-care fit-outs that comply with the highest industry standards, completed on budget and within the time-frame. Our experts and collaborators in the field from Europe and Asia make sure that each of our medical projects focuses on functionality, comfort, and high level of

Four Kitchen Trends That Won’t Go Away —

Another trendy mix for 2021 is kitchen cabinets in contrasting tones. These combinations bring a lot of interest and dynamic to space. Two-tone kitchens make the room less sterile and more inviting, especially if one tone is wood. It is preferable to use the lighter tones on the upper cabinets and the darker tones on the lower cabinets to ground the setting. This year, the butler's pantry is the center of attention. Walk-in larders are getting a more extensive and brighter makeover, to the last

5 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay —

Marble has been a luxury statement since ancient times; it enjoyed popularity in the first half of the 20th century. After a brief period where artificial countertop materials rose in popularity, the new millennium brought Marble back in trend, and now this classic is here to stay as an epitome of classic elegance where it belongs. Besides the natural marble slabs, we see the implementation of Carrara or Calacatta patterns on ceramic and porcelain tiles, and they are used to cover kitchen floors

How to Freshen Up Your Kitchen This Spring —

The beginning of spring and warmer days evoke the urge for makeovers of all kinds, particularly in kitchens, the hub of health and gathering in our homes. Spring season calls us to clear the way for sun rays, clear up the marks of long winter and start fresh. Although we cannot redesign our homes with every change in season, there are plenty of ways to give it a refreshing update. Plenty of light, clutter-free rooms, clean design, and a pop of color here and there will liven up any space and bri

Office Renovation Brisbane

Ikcon Office Fitout and Furniture is a 15-year-old family-owned company that specialises in office refurbishments and fit-outs. Our service spans throughout South East Queensland covering a wide range of sectors including government, industrial, commercial and education. Whether you are starting a new business, expanding, or renovating the existing office, our team of experts at the Ikcon will offer the best independent advice for your project and the best value for money. Before consulting a

Office Interiors Refurbishment

At Ikcon, our expert team is committed to providing exceptional results, all-round service and cost-effective solutions to any type of commercial fit-outs in Southeast Queensland. From large corporate offices, education and government facilities to boutique fit-outs, we have the skills and the expertise to transform a project of any scale. Our team of experienced commercial supervisors and project managers strive to deliver solutions that are tailored to your requirements and that will enhance t

Commercial Office Refurbishments

As a family-owned company, Ikcon Furniture has been providing full commercial office refurbishments and fit-out services since 2008, spanning throughout Southeast Queensland and covering a wide range of sectors including government, education, commercial, medical, etc. Whether you are starting a new business, expanding, or renovating the existing office, our team of experts will offer the best solutions for your project and the best value for money. Moreover, we are a one-stop destination for a

Office Interior Trends for 2021

The COVID 19 crisis, which has largely dominated the year 2020, had a significant impact on the direction of the office fit-out design trends for the coming year. If we have learned anything from the past year, it is how quickly and dramatically things can change and how swiftly we must adapt when circumstances call for it. Our work experienced significant shifts and changes and our offices function differently than before. We saw office environments empty, and conference meetings turned to zoo

3 Things to Think About Before Beginning Your Kitchen Remodel —

Doing a kitchen remodel is an undertaking that will challenge your decision-making skills. For this reason, the Benchmark team is here to make your journey as easy as possible. Before starting with your remodel, having a good understanding of your priorities and which elements will best suit your lifestyle is an excellent place to start. Decisions such as layout, flooring, and countertop material will significantly impact the kitchen's functionality and overall feel. The kitchen layout will be

The Health Of Your Home

Feng Shui is a powerful practice that undoubtedly creates positive changes and brings multiple benefits to people’s lives. However, we must consider the times we live in and the quality of our environments before putting so much pressure on this practice alone. Some people, when dealing with certain health conditions that do not improve despite trying everything possible, will turn to Feng Shui consultants because they have exhausted all other options. When it comes to such health issues, it i

5 Trending Office Desks for Your Brisbane Office in 2021

The year behind us has shuffled the way we do work in our offices and made us re-evaluate our direction and working spaces. Thinking out of the box and being more flexible and adaptable to anything that may come our way is what is needed both from our mindsets and from our working environments this year. When it comes to choosing office desks for our Brisbane offices, we are leaning towards those that respond well to the needs for flexibility and social distancing guidelines. It goes without sa

Contemporary Wallpaper & Murals

Contemporary Wallpaper – Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, Many Styles AND Customisable This sophisticated, contemporary wallpaper collection features a design for every sensibility and every setting. From clean and simple designs, to artistic expressions, this range will bring a unique signature to your space. Many of these contemporary wallpaper designs give you the option of choosing your own colours. Use our live colouring tool to choose your background colour and the feature colour to see ho

British Colonial Wallpaper Range

British Colonial Wallpapers – Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, Many Styles AND Customisable Nostalgic, genteel, and elegant, this British Colonial wallpaper range brings in the cultivated signature of past times. British Colonial style is the interpretation of the very formal design from the Victorian era, and the creation of bold designs depicting local scenes, animals, birds and fauna. Designs in this collection are eye-catching and intricate, encouraging eclectic expressions and elaborate déc

Art Deco Wallpapers And Murals

Art Deco Wallpaper – Easy To Apply, 100% Removable, Many Styles AND Customisable Our Art Deco Wallpapers Collection is abundant in rich colours and geometric shapes, and it speaks the language of luxury. Art Deco wallpaper designs encourage symmetrical arrangements and bold choices. Use them to highlight a unique piece of furniture, to create a dramatic and inviting atmosphere in a formal room or to invite more glamour into your living area. The backing paper peels off the back and then it sti
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